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Dr Alan Miller

Dr Alan Miller graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Science from one of the oldest and best universities in Australia, the University of Western Australia, in 1978. He has a Fellowship in Medical Hypnosis and also achieved Advanced CEREC User status in 1998. Dr Alan Miller is a foundation member of the Australian Osseo integration Society and Aesthetic Dentistry Society.

Dr Alan Miller is a leading Australian dentist with a special interest in preventative dentistry and cosmetic procedures. Dr Alan Miller uses the best technology available to dentists anywhere in the world and completes many hours each year in expanding his education to maintain his exceptional expertise and to continue to provide outstanding dentistry by using the latest procedures and technology.

Dr Miller also employs miniature cameras that he uses to guide around the mouth, projecting the image on an overhead TV monitor. This allows the patient and the dentist to view the problems the patient might have and discuss treatments in a more efficient manner. The camera can be freeze-framed at any point and a photograph of screen immediately printed, for reference and for the patient's file.

Advanced computer imaging systems also allow Dr Alan Miller to design your smile on a computer, clearly demonstrating the effects of i.e. altering the length of your teeth, their colour, before he begins any treatments.

Cosmetic dentistry is not classified as a speciality in Australia or indeed, in many other countries, and whilst many dentists have an interest in cosmetic procedures, few have the skills and expertise to practice it confidently and authoritatively. Dr Alan Miller does have these skills, and he has many years of experience in this field.

Dr Alan Miller provides a comprehensive service to all clients, from expert advice on your needs, to a range of advanced procedures to suit. Ask Dr Alan Miller yourself about his experience and the types of treatments he provides every day, for models, politicians and high-profile overseas visitors.