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Cerec Resorations

Perth CEREC Restorations Subiaco:

Teeth like you've never had before

Most of the cavities receiving dental care world-wide in today's dental practices are treated either with amalgam (metal) fillings or a full crown. Today amalgam is being rejected by an ever increasing number of patients - it is ugly, weakens teeth and is potentially harmful to your health and the environment.

On the other hand, the move to composites by many dentists is also accompanied by problems with durability. But, ceramic restorations made with CEREC, a state-of-the-art dental restoration system, offering a superior alternative.

Repairing teeth can be extremely complicated and very often, costly. Maven Dental Subiaco | Alan Miller, formerly Alan Miller Dental Practice, is one of few dental clinics in Australia that uses the CEREC computer restoration system. This allows us to undertake the most complex procedures in just one or two visits, and usually in less than one hour!

How does CEREC work?

After your tooth is prepared here in Perth, at our Subiaco dental practice, it is scanned with an electronic camera that allows you to see your tooth on a video screen. The restoration is designed from this scan and then automatically milled out from a solid ceramic block. This is accomplished so precisely that it can be accurately fitted and durably bonded to the prepared cavity immediately. All done!

CEREC restorations are made from ceramic - a natural substance that is particularly compatible with the body. CEREC ceramic has the same characteristics as normal, healthy dental enamel. This means it is similarly hard wearing. For example, it is not affected by hot or cold, coffee or ice-cream, and withstands daily grinding of all foodstuffs. Also, CEREC ceramic is so smooth that bacteria do not stand a chance to adhere to the restoration. Even under close inspection, there is absolutely no difference between your own teeth and your CEREC restoration.

You can elect to have any number of CEREC restorations:
  • • Inlays inserted into an existing tooth to repair it
  • • Onlays and partial Crowns, if you have missing teeth and they need to be replaced
  • • Veneers for the restoration of decayed or broken teeth and to give a cosmetic smile