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Charles Angliss


Dr Charles Angliss

Dr Charles Angliss graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Science from UWA in 2009 and was the winner of the prize in Prosthetics. Since graduating, Dr Angliss has worked both in government service and in general practice and loves to work with a wide range of age groups ranging from children to elderly patients.

Dr Angliss is a firm believer in continual learning and has made a strong commitment to ongoing professional development. He completes many hours in continuing education each year to be able to provide the best care to all of his patients. Dr Angliss enjoys all aspects of general dentistry including endodontics , crown and bridge and Implant dentistry and has a particular focus in preventative and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr Angliss also employs miniature cameras that he uses to guide around the mouth, projecting the image on an overhead TV monitor. This allows the patient and dentist to view the problems the patient might have and discuss treatment options in a more efficient manner. The camera can be freeze framed at any point and a photograph of the screen immediately printed, for reference and for the patient's file.

As a compassionate and skilled dentist, Dr Charles Angliss strives to bring the right combination of comfort, health and beauty to every patient.

Ask Dr Angliss about his experience and the type of treatments he provides everyday to his patients.