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Dental Implants Subiaco

Dental Implants Subiaco

Filling in the gaps:

Dental Implants restore your teeth for life!

If you are missing one tooth or more, you may soon find that there are other things you miss. You may miss the comfort of your own teeth, the ability to enjoy harder foods, unrestrained laughter, even kissing. In short, you may miss living as you have always lived.

Dental implants are made from pure titanium, which by a process called osseointegration, bonds to bone as though it is your natural tooth root. The restored implant then feels and acts like your original tooth. You do not need to have one implant per tooth lost. If you have lost more than one it is possible to replace up to a full arch of teeth with only four implants provided there is enough bone to bond to.

Fortunately, you can choose among a number of ways to replace your tooth crowns. But there is only one perfect solution. When you replace one tooth or several teeth with Branemark System® dental implants you don't harm either other teeth or your gums. The implant feels and serves exactly like real teeth. Furthermore they stay in place for as long as, or even longer, than real teeth.

The principle behind a Branemark System dental implant is osseo integration which is the process taking place when titanium bonds to human tissue. A Branemark System implant is a titanium screw in the jaw-bone on which a new tooth is built.

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